AnEar was created to help our senior citizens that are in need of home care services and transportation. We also provide a listening ear to hear those who feel like no one will listen, without judgment! Additionally, we provide change management support to local businesses.

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About AnEar

At AnEar, we connect people with a “Friend on Demand” that is outside of their inner circle. A “Friend on Demand” serves as a dependable person that listens to your needs without judgment.  We work with everyday people by providing a listening ear. No judgment! Just a conversation focused on you.

We also work with our senior population by helping them with their daily needs such as house help, transportation, companionship, technology lessons, serve as a family advocate and more.

Additionally, we offer effective listening skills workshops to local businesses and we offer our friend on-demand services to employees.







*Disclaimer – At AnEar LLC, we are not trained counselors or therapist and do not have any trained certifications to counsel you, nor do we exist to give advice; we are simply here to listen to individuals express themselves, provide services to businesses and assist seniors with basic needs due to aging. If you are currently experiencing any mental health or physical issues, please seek assistance from a trained license therapist or call 911. If you are having suicidal thoughts and live in the U.S you can also call the National Suicidal Prevention Lifeline at 1800-748-2433.