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About AnEar

At AnEar, we connect people with a “Friend on Demand” that is outside of their inner circle. A “Friend on Demand” serves as a dependable person that listens to your needs without judgment.  We work with everyday people by providing a listening ear. No judgment! Just a conversation focused on you.

We also work with our senior population by helping them with their daily needs such as house help, transportation, companionship, technology lessons, serve as a family advocate and more.

Additionally, we offer effective listening skills workshops to local businesses and we offer our friend on-demand services to employees.

Marian Johnson (Founder / Owner)

Marian Johnson (Founder / Owner)

The Founder and Owner of AnEar LLC is Marian Johnson. Marian has extensive experience working with individuals from all walks of life and different backgrounds.  Marian spent her professional career working in a diverse array of industries. Marian worked in Higher Education, Social Service, State Government, Etc.  With the experience and knowledge gained in these diverse fields, Marian has the ability to understand the needs of people and how to connect with them.  Marian understands that throughout our lifespan, we face daily challenges that cause tremendous stress and anxiety.  It is with this understanding and the love and compassion that she has for people that she decided to create AnEar LLC. She is confident that the services provided at “AnEar”, when provided most conveniently, can have a profound effect on the lives of individuals and can be successful worldwide.  Marian graduated from Xavier University of Ohio with a Bachelor degree in Psychology and received a Master Degree in College Student Personnel Administration (CSPA) from Seton Hall University.